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Gurbani app enables Sikh practice on the go with the Daily Hukamnama, Sikh Calendar, Sundar Gutka, and a Meditation & Mindfulness Timer.

Daily Hukamnama

Engage with the Daily Hukamnama from Amritsar in 3 languages & 3 translations.

Gurbani Daily Hukamnama
Gurbani Sikh Nanakshahi Calendar

Nanakshahi Calendar

Learn about this month’s Sikh holidays & their history according to the dates in the Nanakshahi Calendar.

Dark Mode

Don’t enjoy reading on white backgrounds? Switch to a color that is easier on your eyes.

Pick from Black, Grey, & Sepia.

Healthkit Integration

Track your daily meditation routine with Gurbani’s Healthkit integrated meditation timer. Guided meditations & more coming soon!

Gurbani App Meditation
Gurbani Sundar Gutka

Sundar Gutka

Read 15 banis in the Sundar Gutka, which features a modern reading experience that lets you change screen color & brightness, change font size, or keep the screen awake.

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